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Colours are more than just colours

2nd semester

Summer 2016

“Colours” is a booklet depicting the beautiful diversity of colours, trying to sensibilise the viewer’s perception.

Therefore, I used marbled images I created with different colours, offering a wide range of gradients, intensities, forms and contrasts.

Urku Portfolio
Urku Portfolio

Transparent paper is being used in white and grey to either lighten or darken the various colours.

This way the viewer can experience differences in saturation and hue appearance without using any kind of technologies.

Thanks to “Colours”, an interactive booklet, the viewers can sharpen their way of perceiving things and learn about colours and how they change.

Urku Portfolio
Urku Portfolio


Created in: three months


Materials: Oil colour, ink, water, paper


Digital Tools: Indesign


Created for: Design principles class

Urku Portfolio