rachel hoffmann2019

W[e] is for women


Human beauty

5th semester

Summer 2017

“W[e] is for Women” is an illustration work broaching the issue of a woman’s body not being accepted in society as it is.

Urku Portfolio
Urku Portfolio

As a lot of people do not see the beauty in wide hips, small breast or short legs, I decided to do an illustration project on it. The illustrations depict women with different bodies, all of them overwhelmingly beautiful. Over time my way of drawing bodies has changed from a clear structure to dynamic lines that seem to stand for themselves.

I associate these vigorous drawings with the way I perceive women as well as their bodies. As individual, extraordinary structures, that can´t be stereotyped in any way. That´s why I see the vivid lines as one body that is trying to transmit the fact that every body has its own characteristics and that it is nearly unpossible to find one perfect drawing that stands for a wide type of female bodies.

After creating the illustrations, the bodies have been embroidered on t-shirts with the aim to sensibilize people ragarding the way how women and their bodies are being perceived.

Urku Portfolio
Urku Portfolio

In addition to the t-shirts i have created postcards with the different illustrations. By sending these postcards you can raise awareness and contribute towards the emancipation of women.

So let´s give the saying „please send nudes“ a new meaning and start wearing expressive t-shirts in order to show the naked female body in a non-humiliating way.


Created in: one semester


Materials: Screenprinting materials, colored paper, t-shirts, embroidery thread


Digital tools: none


Created for: Illustration project

Urku Portfolio