rachel hoffmann2019


Corporate Identity and Animation

A city covered in Dots

3rd semester

Summer 2016

“Dots” is a fictive city identity project inspired by Kevin Kelly´s book “Out of control”.

I chose three different chapters from the book that I found fundamental, as well as transferable to our contemporary society. My choice refers to the chapters “The creation of something new”, “Hive mind” and “Complexity”.

Urku Portfolio
Urku Portfolio

In order to represent the different themes and make them easily understandable for someone who has not read the book I created three animated gifs. As the whole project is a city identity project, I decided to use the dot as a main graphic form as it stands for unity; an aspect which I wanted to stand for our society.

"As complex as things are today, everything will be more complex tomorrow."

Urku Portfolio
Urku Portfolio

The animated gifs served as a base to create further medias with the different frames from the created animations and quotations from the book.

The project would be a temporary project, trying to bring people closer together and create a stronger unity within a city.


Created in: one semester


Materials: Posters, Stamps, Postcards, Stickers


Digital tools: Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign


Created for: Corporate Identity class

Urku Portfolio