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The beauty lies in the detail

2nd semester

Summer 2016

“Bubbles” is a typography created on the basis of soap and ink in order to make the bubbles become visible on paper.

The process is none other than the one we used as children when we blew through a loop in order to create some of these beautiful, fabulous bubbles. This however also means that we have to accept that bubbles aren´t easily controlled. That´s why every bubble has a different intensity and a different size.

Urku Portfolio
Urku Portfolio

Sometimes bubbles popped without ever touching the paper, leaving sprinkles all over it.

However, the real beauty of the letters lies in the details. When you look closely you can see soap traces that have covered the surfaces of the bubbles. Sometimes you can even tell when bubbles popped on the paper, leaving bursting traces on it.

“Bubbles” is a not only a beautiful typography, but also manages to trap the moment in a way that the viewer has never seen before. It shows us details that we normally miss and lets us experience the airiness of bubbles in a new way.

Urku Portfolio
Urku Portfolio

The typography turns the ephemerality of the bubbles into a persistent existence that is trapped in the moment.


Created in: 2 weeks


Material: ink, water, soap, paper, straw


Digital tools: none


Created for: Typography class

Urku Portfolio