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Munich map


Munich from a new point of view

3rd semester

Winter 2016

“Munich Map” is a tourist map of Munich, based on the opinions of young people living in this Bavarian city.

In a survey people who know their city very well were able to give personal advice on locations they think should not be missed when visiting the city.
“Munich Map” is a social and subjective map, allowing whoever is open to it, to discover and rediscover some extraordinary spots in Munich.

Urku Portfolio
Urku Portfolio

“Munich Map” is presented as a city map on a reduced scale. A colour code defines specific categories of places, like restaurants, parks, museums, etc..

The composition predetermined by the folding of the plan has been used in order to support the structure and the legibility of this complex information.

“Munich Map” is a source of vast and diversified inspiration where everyone, depending their personal preferences, is able to find something new to discover amongst all the propositions given.

Urku Portfolio
Urku Portfolio

This way the map does not only offer people who are new to the city a chance to discover it from its most uncommon side, but also people who might have been living here for years an opportunity to rediscover it from a new angle.


Created in: one weeks


Materials: CAD paper


Digital tools: Illustrator, Indesign


Created for: Typography class

Urku Portfolio