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Uncontrollable forces

2nd Semester

Summer 2016

“Tsunami” is a typography based on an artistic process. The creative analysis of how water and ink react together made me discover an astonishing graphic result: a result which is quite uncontrollable.

Urku Portfolio
Urku Portfolio

Hence the name “Tsunami”. The agitated surfaces implicate an impression of dynamic waves, reminding the viewer once again of a tsunami.

After creating the typography in an analogical way, I transferred it into a digital typeface.

Urku Portfolio
Urku Portfolio

“Tsunami” expresses a feeling of chance, powerlessness and weakness. Like a real tsunami, the typography holds a destructive and incontrollable force.

The process of experimentation regarding typography is a different one than the traditional thinking of a classic typographer, which gives “Tsunami” kind of a mystic, yet extraordinary character.

“Tsunami” has been rewarded with a mention du jury at the Luxembourg Design Awards in 2017.


Created in: four weeks


Materials: ink, water, paper


Digital tools: Illustrator, FontLab


Created for: Typography class

Urku Portfolio