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Uncontrollable forces

Freelance project

Summer 2018

The organically grown cabernet is an elegant wine for which i was allowed to design the label in 2018.

Urku Portfolio
Urku Portfolio

Graphically, the course of the river “Moselle” between Grevenmacher and Wormeldingen has been represented. This connects the place where the grapes have been collected, with the place of production of the wine.

The glass bottle is characterized by a particularly bright glass, in order to create a colour contrast, as well as a graphic repetition in relations to the river course, the shutter was converted into a matte black tone.

Urku Portfolio
Urku Portfolio

To underline the aspect of organic productions, a brown natural paper has been used. The label has a white frame in which the river course „blows up“, with the aim to reflect changes in the Luxembourg winemaking industry, as the cabernet is a new wine, that has never been produced in Luxembourg before.


Created in: two weeks


Materials: wine packaging


Digital tools: Illustrator, Indesign


Created for: Vinsmoselle

Urku Portfolio